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Site Help

In this section, we provide a comprehensive guide for using this site to access Policy Agendas datasets, explore data with our trend analysis tool, and utilize our bibliography and teaching resources. 

Many questions regarding small tasks (i.e. saving a chart to a .jpg file) are answered in our "How do I...?" section, while full video tutorials (coming soon) are provided to guide users through our user scenarios.  Citation guidelines are listed below for those authors utilizing Policy Agendas datasets in published work.

  • Find information about publicly available Policy Agendas datasets?

    -View complete descriptions (including date ranges) for each of our datasets here.

    Download datasets and related codebooks?

    -Our datasets are currently available in .csv format with corresponding .pdf codebooks here and can easily be manipulated for use in any modern statistics package or Microsoft Excel.

    Make sure my browser/OS works with the Trend Analysis tool?

    -Our Trend Analysis tool is written in an open source javascript charting tool that is compatible with any updated and modern browser (Firefox, Chrome, Explorer, Safari) on any operating system.

    Export a chart I created to put into a document, save as an image, or print?

    -After creating your chart and changing any desired options, simply click on the small arrow icon in upper right-hand corner of the chart image.  There are four options for chart exporting: .png, .jpg, .pdf, and .svg.  We recommend using .png or .jpg for pasting into Word documents and .pdf for printing directly.

    Ask another question?

    -Email us at policyagendas@gmail.com.