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Publications and Teaching

This section provides access to non-data set resources, including:
Agendas and Instability (Chinese Translation) 2013

  • Useful Resources for researchers.
  • Related ongoing research and papers featured in the Policy Agendas Working Paper Series.
  • An interactive Bibliography of agenda-setting and public policy literature.
  • Teaching Resourcespage with lesson plans for using the Policy Agendas resources in a range of undergraduate and graduate courses (including our own Undergraduate Fellows Program), example questions, and suggested subject areas for further exploration.
  • An Additional Resources page with links to project-related talks, events, and other content.
  • The datasets and charts used in Agendas and Instability.

As we continue to build this section, we invite you to submit syllabi, lesson plans, and exercises that may be relevant for teaching a policy-related course or that use the Policy Agendas datasets and resources. We look forward to making this a valuable resource for both research and teaching.