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Additional Datasets

On this page, we are hosting a series of related datasets that may be of use to researchers interested in policy agendas.   Please contact corresponding scholars with any questions.  If you would like us to provide a link or host similar files for public download, email us at policyagendas@gmail.com. 

Joe Uscinski - TV News Policy Agenda Data (added fall 2012):

This dataset includes over 65,000 TV News stories from the Vanderbilt archive (1968-2010), coded according to an adjusted version of the Policy Agendas major topic coding scheme.  More information (sampling, topic codebook, citation, and author contact) can be found in data codebook below.  A tabulated dataset by quarter is also provided.

Data Codebook
Full Dataset
Quarterly Tabulations

Amber Boydstun - NYT Front Page Data (added spring 2013):

This dataset includes every New York Times front page story from 1996-2006, coded according to the Policy Agendas subtopic scheme.  More information about data collection, variables, and topic coding can be found in the data codebook below.

Data Codebook
Full Dataset 

Sam Kernell - Presidential Veto Rhetoric Data Archive (added summer 2013):

The Veto Rhetoric data consist of text files of presidents’ Statements of Administration Policy (SAPs) containing an explicit or veiled veto threat directed an one or more provisions of a bill.  The SAPs for 1985 through 2004 were selected and provided by a senior official within OMB. I collected more recent years from the White House and OMB web sites.  For an overview of SAPs and more detailed statement on the collection procedures see my Introduction to Presdiential Veto Threats in Statements of Administration Policy: 1985-2004. (cd rom) CQ Press, 2005.

Data Archive (.zip)